Resources to support journalist safety in Europe


PRESSProtect provides information about support funds for emergency situations as well as resources to prevent threats. It focuses on living expenses, psychosocial support and medical aid, support for digital and physical safety, relocation, legal support and support in exile.

PRESSProtect enables searching for available support offers by selecting up to three different eligibility criteria.
Once you choose one type of support, one country and/or one target group, the suitable support offers that meet your individual situation and needs will display.

By selecting one of the support offers, you will receive more details about what is covered, how to apply, who is eligible as well as the organisation behind the offer.

The basic requirements for most support offers are:

  • Your need is directly related to your journalistic work.
  • You are looking for short-term support.

Support offers

  • Digital safety

    Support for digital safety can include: – financial support for digital security measures to prevent possible threats – post-incident financial support for digital security measures

  • Equipment

    Support for equipment can include:

    • physical security measures to prevent possible threats
    • material support for physical security measures

  • Legal support

    Legal support means financial assistance to help cover your legal fees if you are facing legal actions.

  • Living expenses

    Living expenses can include: – funds to cover short-term subsistence costs for yourself or to support your family, if you are unable to work because of the threats against you – resources to replace/repair equipment that was confiscated or damaged while you were on assignment

  • Physical safety

    Support for physical safety can include: – financial support physical security measures to prevent possible threats – post-incident financial support for physical security measures

  • Psychosocial support and medical aid

    Psychosocial support and medical aid can include: – resources to cover medical costs and/or psychosocial support – referrals to suitable therapists/counsellors

  • Relocation

    Relocation support consists of relocation programmes and funds, if you need to temporarily or permanently leave your place (home/city/country) following threats due to your work

  • Support in exile

    Resources, if you had to leave your home country because you experienced repression and/or persecution

Target groups

  • Family members

    Support for family members of threatend, imprisoned or deceased journalists and media workers

  • Human rights defenders

    Human rights defenders act on behalf of individuals or groups to promote and protect human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

  • Journalists and media workers

    Journalists are individuals who observe, describe, document and analyse events, statements, policies, and any propositions that can affect society. This includes all media workers and support staff, as well as community media workers and citizen journalists.

  • Media outlets

    Media outlets or media organisations are publications or broadcasting channels that transmit news, information and feature stories to the public through print media (newspapers, magazines) broadcast news (radio, television) or internet (online newspapers, news blogs, news videos, social media) etc.

  • Other

    Support for specific professionnal groups, such as writers, freelancers, photographers, women-identifying journalists etc. Find more information under the respective support offer description.

  • Union/association members

    Support is available only for members of the respective organisation, association or union.

  • Whistleblowers

    Whistleblowers are invididuals who are employed at a company or a government agency and provide information to the public or some higher authority. This includes any wrongdoings and illegal activities, such as fraud, corruption etc.