Resources to support journalist safety in Europe

Keep Ukrainian Media Going

What is covered?

First priority funding:
  • Protection and media equipment purchases and delivery to Ukraine (here is a list of supplies – we are delivering via Poland and Romania)
  • Direct operational and financial support to media in Ukraine (e.g., covering IT costs, insurance, transport, and purchase of supplies)
Long-term needs:
  • Support for media staff relocation to EU countries
  • Setting up offices and accommodation of media staff in EU countries

The support is provided by:

Important information about time and eligibility restrictions, as well as further requirements:

If you are representing other independent media covering the war, want to be a part of the campaign and receive financial or any other help, please send a short description of your media and the list of urgent needs to the email (bear in mind immediate support on the ground is extremely difficult to provide).

If you are a freelancer operating in Ukraine, please feel free to email as well. No guarantees, but we are looking into providing support to freelancer colleagues. This is more difficult for various administrative and governance issues, but we are working to solve them.

The support offer is designed for:

The support offer is available in: