Grant competition for Belarus and Ukraine (PS)

What is covered?

I. Support for repressed people who need emergency assistance due to the situation in Belarus or Ukraine:
incl. running an information center for people coming to Poland, legal counseling, counseling in the field of employment / job search, counseling on educational opportunities in Poland, assistance to repressed people, incl. by providing psychological support, medical care (including psychiatric care), financial / material support (including the purchase of drugs, medical supplies, etc., prescribed as part of the medical and psychiatric assistance provided) and assistance in organizing life in Poland (including in the provision of accommodation), individual support projects.

II. Support for think tanks and media organizations that provide independent assessments on the situation in Belarus or Ukraine and engage in advocacy activities on the international forum

incl. information campaigns (including research, analyzes, etc.) on the situation in Belarus or Ukraine, targeted at recipients in Poland, the EU, Belarus or Ukraine, support for editors informing about events in Belarus or Ukraine, support for Belarusian or Ukrainian media moving or planning to move their headquarters to Poland, advocacy activities at the national and international level, including support for advocacy activities organized in coalitions with foreign organizations, preparation of reports on human rights violations in Belarus or Ukraine (e.g. for the United Nations), participation in international meetings where matters relating to Belarus or Ukraine are discussed or presented, strategic litigation.  

III. Support for activities for the benefit of the Belarusian or Ukrainian diaspora in Poland:  

incl. support for activities supporting the development and integration of the Belarusian or Ukrainian diaspora, strengthening the sense of unity (exhibitions, film screenings, etc.), cultural adaptation and improvement of the quality of life in the local community, including support for the activities of adaptation and integration centers  


The support is provided by:

Important information about time and eligibility restrictions, as well as further requirements:

Geographical scope of the Competition

As part of the Competition, it is planned to co-finance projects for the benefit of the Belarusian or Ukrainian society, the main activities of which are implemented in Poland. In justified cases, it is possible to implement part of the project activities outside Poland.  

Entities eligible to participate in the Competition

The Competition is open to non-governmental organizations registered and operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland within the meaning of Art. 3 sec. 2 of the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work, in particular associations and foundations and entities listed in art. 3 sec. 3 above the law.  

Each entity entitled to participate in the Competition may submit one project application independently and one joint offer with another organization / other organizations.  

It is allowed to submit offers in partnership also with foreign organizations. The formal applicant in this case is a Polish organization which must be entitled to participate in the Competition.  

Each eligible entity may submit one application for one main priority. Additionally, the entity may define an auxiliary priority, if the project assumes the implementation of activities envisaged under one of the other two priorities.  

The applicant independently determines what part of the budget (percentage) will be allocated to the implementation of activities falling under the main priority and the auxiliary priority.  

The amount of the grant

In the Competition, it is possible to apply for small and large grants. Co-financing awarded under small grants ranges from PLN 50,000 to PLN 250,000. Small grants are recommended to organizations that have not cooperated with FSM so far. Co-financing awarded under large grants amounts to a maximum of PLN 1,500,000. Large grants are recommended to organizations that already have experience in cooperation with FSM or experience in the implementation of high-budget projects in the Eastern Partnership countries.  


The support offer is designed for:

The support offer is available in: