Shelter Cities (RE)

What is covered?

Temporary refuge in one of the Shelter Cities in the Netherlands (max. three months)

The support is provided by: Justice and Peace Netherlands

Important information about time and eligibility restrictions, as well as further requirements:

The call for application is published twice a year (social media, website).

In 2021 Justice and Peace started its journalists’ Safe Haven initiative through with two additional temporary safe spaces per year in The Hague for journalists at risk.

In order to be elegible for the Shelter City Programme, the HRDs should meet the following conditions:

  • They implement a non-violent approach in their work;
  • They are threatened or otherwise under pressure due to their work;
  • They should be able to be relocated for a period of maximum 3 months. Limited spots are available for people who are not able to stay for the full 3 months;
  • They are willing and able to return to their country of origin after 3 months;
  • They are willing to speak publicly about their experience or about human rights in their country to the extent that their security situation allows;
  • They have a conversational level* of English (limited spots are available for French or Spanish speaking HRDs);
  • They are willing and able to come to The Netherlands without accompaniment of family members;
  • They have a valid passport (with no less than six months of validity) or be willing to carry out the procedures for its issuance. Justice and Peace covers the costs of issuing a passport and / or visa (if applicable);
  • They are not subjected to any measure or judicial prohibition of leaving the country;
  • They are willing to begin their stay in The Netherlands during the mentioned time in the call for applications.