Resources to support journalist safety in Europe

The Journalist Support Fund

What is covered?

Legal support on 3 levels: 1) Five lawyers at the Union. They help members in all legal matters related to work. 2) Insurance for legal expenses (covers the compensation of such expenses incurred in the course of work. A written consent from the union is needed in order to have recourse to insurance covering legal expenses. The union’s subscription fee covers insurance for members.) 3) The Journalist Support Fund is a fund set up jointly by media houses and associations (incl UJF) to help journalists who have been the target of intimidation, persecution and other forms of harassment.

Important information about time and eligibility restrictions, as well as further requirements:

Call weekdays 13.00-16.00, July 13.00-15.00

  • A grant may be applied for the Fund by a person engaged in journalistic content work who has been subjected to repeated, prolonged intimidation, undue pressure, harassment or online hatred as a result of his or her work.
  • In exceptional cases, assistance may also be granted to an individual who has been the subject of a serious threat.
  • When awarding a grant, the applicant’s work history in journalistic content work is taken into account.
  • A grant is awarded for costs incurred or the immediate aftermath of an event or series of events that are taking place or are ongoing.
  • The Fund may grant a contingent grant for any legal proceedings.
  • Grants are awarded primarily to people who fall outside employment security and, for example, occupational health care. These include, for example, freelancers or those working in various short-term relationships.
  • With the support of the fund, you can get legal advice for making a criminal report.
  • With the support of the Fund, an assistant can be obtained to collect material related to the request for an investigation.
  • With the support of the fund, the installation of security equipment can be procured.

Target groups:
for 1): employed journalists and freelancers but also pensioners and students.
for 3): journalists including all people who do journalistic work like photographers and visualists, freelancers, in an exceptional case an individual who was the subject of serious threat, editorial staff who work mainly for the media

The support offer is designed for:

The support offer is available in: