Security Rapid Response Grant (PH)

What is covered?

Quick, flexible funding to respond to security threats

The support is provided by: Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights (UAF)

Important information about time and eligibility restrictions, as well as further requirements:

Target group: women or trans human rights defenders/activists who are part of an organisation

Grants up to 8000USD for use within 3 months

No funding for:

  • Individual journalists (they have to apply through an organisation)
  • Individuals who are not activists
  • Cisgender (A cisgender person is someone who exclusively identifies as the sex that person was assigned at birth) men or male-led organizations or networks
  • Planned projects/activities/service delivery programs
  • Charity/humanitarian assistance/social services
  • Annual operating costs (rent, salary, overhead costs)
  • Bridge/gap funding
  • Scholarships
  • Organizations with a budget of over $1 million USD
  • Capital projects