Resources to support journalist safety in Europe

Legal Fund

What is covered?

Costs and fees related to legal action taken against you, including
  • arbitrary detention
  • deprivation of liberty because of the exercise of freedom of expression
  • in some cases, issues with visas/asylum and employment disputes

The support is provided by:

Important information about time and eligibility restrictions, as well as further requirements:

Target group: Freelance journalists

Criteria to fulfil:

  • You are not entitled to any contractual benefits such as sick pay, annual leave, social security or pension, as you are not a permanent staff member of any media organisation.
  • Your income for the last 12 months has come mainly from professional news journalism (this does not include material produced for trade publications, travel guides, advocacy and campaigning materials, etc).
  • You can provide evidence of the case against you, proof of income and outgoings for the last three months, two reference letters and evidence of your latest published work.
  • You are able to receive a grant from a British registered charity.

RPT aims to provide equal support to all beneficiaries. Please note that if you have received support in the last three years, RPT won’t be able to support you again.

The support offer is designed for: